KEDEE KD-BMR Paraffin Dispenser

High-quality Paraffin Dispenser with keyboard control, microcomputer automatic memory and Digital shows.
Features of KEDEE KD-BMR Paraffin Dispenser: 

◆Utilizes full computer automated control and intelligent digital temperature control.

◆Utilizes new type of heating elements that enable fast, energy efficient and reliable heating.

◆Temperature sensors are made in USA, precise and reliable.

◆Automatically saves the latest operation settings.

◆Memory and automatic restoration function enables the pre-set temperature to be automatically saved after device operation. 

◆LED displays the heating status
Technical Specifications: 

◆Temperature Range: Continuously adjustable within 0 – 100℃

◆Temperature control precision: ±1℃

◆Capacity: 10000 ml

◆Working Voltage: AC 220V±10% 50Hz (standard model); AC110V±10% 60Hz

◆Power: 1200W

◆Dimensions: 355×410×540mm (W×D×H)

◆Net weight: 16kg