Keewell QW-618 Blood & Infusion Warmer (Copy)

Clinical Application:
*Blood transfusion / infusion for the patients during operation or after operation                                     
*Massive blood transfusion/infusion for emergency care and routine blood transfusion infusion in the clinical setting
*Intravenous nutrition or nasal feeding
*Children and neonates’ infusion
*Normal infusion in cold seasons
*Heating of the liquid for flushing
Technology of Control:
Microcomputer system provides high precise control , permanently running self-tests, and malfunction alarm
Temperature monitoring:
Numerical display for real-time temperature or setting temperature
Accuracy: ±0.5 ℃
Temperature setting: 37 ℃ ~ 40 ℃ ( adjustable at rate of 0.1 ℃)
High temperature cut-off: 41℃/45℃/48±3℃
Low temperature alarm: 36 ℃ 
Normal transfusion / infusion tubing can be used in low flow rate.
Power supply: AC 220V±10%  50Hz±1Hz / 110V±10%  60Hz±1Hz 
Power consumption: Max.250VA
Type of protection against electric shock: Class I
Degree of protection against electric shock: B
Waterproof and dustproof class: lp64
Warming time:<2min Operating mode: Continuous working Dimensions: 100×170×210mm Net Weight: 1.3kg Click Here To Download Catalogue