LEEP-350 Machine

▪ With memory function, the last power set appears when booted
▪It has a neutral electrode contact quality detection circuit, which can detect the contact area of the plate
▪ The host has automatic monitoring and error detection
▪ Type of device: CF
▪ Accurate and efficient soft tissue cutting and coagulation control.
▪ No postoperative edema, no fibrotic scar, minimal thermal damage.
LEEP operation advantages:
▪ Electric ring cutting (LEEP) for gynecological uterine lesions improves surgical accuracy, controllability and safety.
Technical Parameters;
The output Power:  200w
Four Output Modes: Cutting (200w) Blend Cut (150w) Soft Coag (100w) Strong Coag (80w)
Atmospheric Pressure Range: 86-106kpa
Power Supply: 220V-22V, 50Hz+1
Working Frequency: 360-460kHz;
The rated Power of the Equipment: 88VA+10%
Type of Device: CF
The Machine Power Consumption: <1000VA The Technical Parameter of the Smoking Device: Maximum Power: 200w Noise Level: Maximum 40dB Maximum Flow: 0-200L/Min (Adjustable Suction Force) Power: Supply Voltage: 110V-220V, 50/60Hz Absorption Efficiency: >95%
Absorption of Flow Rate: 200L/Min
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