M.I One Endoscope Camera System (Insight I with One Type Camera)

The INSIGHT-I HD Endoscope Camera system is a high definition camera designed for use with a suitable PC and HD monitor.
it’s also allows the brightness, contrast, color saturation and can divide the 1, 2 and 4 images of the picture to be adjusted according to specific circumstances.
Features of Endoscope Camera System:

Light, Easy, Simple and low cost (About 1kg)
ONE-CAM connectivity
Compatible with any telescope with coupler lens

Dual HDMI monitor/ Single CVBS connectivity

LED 30,000 Lux light source integrated

Single, Dual, Quad image capture mode
Additional light source Compatibility

Insight I with One Type Camera
Standard Accessories (CCU-IO)
Insight I CCU(CCU-2000)
One type- Camera
Power Adaptor
AC Power cable
AC Power cable