Ophthalmic AB Scan Machine


1. Capable of capturing both still images and video clips, provides excellent image resolution with full set of features

2. Easy to use measurement calipers for distance and angle measurements

3. Frame-by-frame review of video clips provided for selection of optimal image

4. Patient database and image library is provided with printing and download capabilities
Technical Specifications:
A probe Detecting

1.Probe Frequency: 10MHZ   Error±0.5 MHZ

2.Precision: 0.05mm

3.Measurement parameters:  ACD depth, lens, axial length, and its average

4.IOL Calculation: SRK/II, SRK/T, Holladay, SCDK, Hoffer-Q

5.Data Processing: IOL table

6.Operation: Automatic, Manual

7.Information storage: Mass memory Build-in Case data

8.Images reports: External high definition ink-jet printer
B probe Detecting

1.B probe mode: Mechanic Sector scans

2.Scan angle: 53°

3.Detect Depth: 50mm

4.Probe frequency: 10 MHZ    Error±0.5 MHZ

5.Resolution: Vertical≤0.5mm, Lateral≤1.0mm

6.Gray Scale: 256

7.Display Mode: B; B+B; B+A

8.Storage: 10 Frames

9.Image Post Processing: Brightness, Contrast, Smooth, Sharp, stretch, Equalize, etc.