Plain Vacutainer Tubes Per Pack


Plain no additive blood collection tube is also called no additive tube for biochemistry , serology , immunology tests. No additive blood collection tube is used in blood collection and storage for biochemistry, immunology and serology tests in medical inspection. The tube inner walls are specially processed for preventing the sticking and hemolysis. It can provide enough and non-polluted serum specimen for clinical test, while keeping the serum invariable in the long inspection period.. It is applicable for all current mainstream biochemical analyzers.


1. Centrifuge for 5-10 minutes after blood coagulation.

2. Do please drain the vacuum in the tube when the sampling dosage is below the tube design dosage.
Materials: Glass and PET
Normal specification: 13*75mm, 13*100mm , 16*100mm
Blood drawing volume:1-10ml