Precision UK ltd CPX Suction Regulator

The compact design incorporates a clear 63mm Ø integral vacuum gauge is built inside the regulator body.
Analog Display:± 5% of Full Scale defleectn.
Metal back plate making the unit strong and reliable reducing repair costs.
Accurate suction control within ranges 0 -300mmbar (LoSuck) and 0-760mmbar (HighSuck)
Quick mode selector toggle switch for REG/OFF/FULL vacuum.
The large control knob comes with three (3) easy-to-read settings making vacuum adjustments simple, even in emergency situatios.
Infection control easy to clean and wipe down
Variety of inlet connecti ns available BS, AFNOR, DIN and DISS
Outlet connection 1/8” female NPT
Safety trap recommended for use for protecting egulators and preventi g accidental overflow, these connect directly to the unit 1/8” male NPT