Shinva Rider 50 Automatic Flexible Endoscope Washer Disinfector

Automatic Flexible Endoscope Washer-disinfector is designed based on the standard ISO15883-4 which is special used for washing and disinfection for Flexible Endoscope. Rider series automatic endoscope washer can finish the entire washing and disinfection process for one piece of flexible endoscope within 15 minutes, greatly improving the efficiency of endoscopes turnover.

Endoscope protection design

■ Leakage test function

The Endoscope leakage test will be finished before contacting with the liquid in the chamber, and can make continuous testing during the cycle. When the detected leakage value exceeds the set allowable value, the system will issue a visual and audible alarm signal, and automatic terminate the cycle
Process tracking system
■ Process data printing The printer can print the washing and disinfection process data for each endoscope, making it easy for users to archive records.
■ Process data management.

The system can collect the information of endoscope operators and the washing and disinfection process data can connect user’s management computer system through network, which is easy access to the synchronization management for patient information and endoscope washing and disinfection information.
Self-disinfection function

■ After finishing the maintenance, repairing or interruption for the machine, should run a self-disinfecting program.

■ The self-disinfection function can thoroughly disinfect the machine chamber and pipe, including the 0.1um filter, to prevent the washer-disinfector from becoming a source of pollution.
100% Washing and disinfection

■ All-round, full pipe washing and disinfection

The washing chamber equipped with spray nozzle and rotating spray arm which can make washing and disinfection for the outer surface of the endoscope, while the circulating water can make continuous washing and disinfection for the entire inner cavity of the endoscope.

■ Endoscope lumen pressure booster pump

With independent endoscope lumen booster pump, can make continuously washing and disinfection, gas or water injection and make biopsy or suction lumen, to prevent the formation of bacterial biofilm.

■ Filtered water rising

After disinfection, it will rinse the endoscope with water which is filtered by 0.1um filter to avoid secondary contamination by unsanitary rising water.

■ Drying function

The drying function can realize drying for inner lumen of the endoscope with two modes, air drying and alcohol drying.

Perfect protection for operator

■ Automatic door, foot pedal switch

Visualize automatic glass door, easy to observe the washing and disinfection status; foot pedal switch, the door can be opened by gently kicking the foot switch.

■ Fully enclosed

Rider series automatic endoscope washer-disinfector was designed with fully enclosed structure. the automatic glass doors will press the door sealing gasket tightly, to prevent the smell of disinfectant and protection of the operator health maximum.

■ Chemical additives automatic added

In the process of washing and disinfection, the chemical additives, such as enzymes, alcohol and disinfectants can be metered and added automatically.

■ Disinfectant automatic sampling function

Rider B series equipped with automatic disinfectant sampling device which is convenient for the users to monitor the concentration of disinfectant and to protect the safety of the operator.

■ Disinfectant automatic addition and discharge function

Rider B series equips with disinfectant automatic addition and discharge function. When adding the disinfectant, just pour the disinfectant into the washing chamber and start the disinfectant adding program. When discharge, just start the disinfectant discharge program.
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