Spinal Needles

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SECA-665 EMR ready electronic wheelchair scale

Capacity: 790 lbs, 360 kg
Graduation: 50 g / 0,1 lbs / 0,1 lbs
Power supply: Rechargeable batteries, Power adapter
Two ramps included. Easy-to-fold and transport
Network-capable with seca 360? wireless technology.
Flat platform with self-lowering ramp.

Ulna & Radius Reconstruction Plat

Application:For fractures of the ulna, radius, fibula.

Width: 10mm

Thickness: 2.5mm

LATEX TEST- Biosystems



Anti-streptolysin O (aso) Screening
50 Tests

Rheumatoid Factors (rf) Screening
50 Tests

Salmonella Typhi H
5 Ml

Salmonella Typhi O
5 Ml

Proteus Ox19
5 Ml

Proteus Ox2
5 Ml

Proteus Oxk
5 Ml

C-reactive Protein (crp) Screening
50 Tests

100 Tests

A-200 Baby Incubator

Mild skin temperature with two kinds of tank temperature control;
The set temperature, the inside temperature, skin temperature split-screen display;
Dual CPU control system, independent over-temperature cut-of device of the triple over-temperature protection;
Natural air duct humidification;
Cots step-less adjustable lt function;
Products with self-test function, a variety of fault alarm;
Spiral duct and AC and DC motors produce centrifugal supercharger, the overall aluminum tank;
The front panel has a function of temperature can be corrected;
Skin temperature sensor has come of protection function;
Baby compartment closed with automatic locking function;
A temperature data storage function; With oxygen input interface; With RS -232 interface.

Basic Configuration:

Host (including baby cabin, chassis, controller), infusion stand & trays, racks, skin temperature sensor.

Optional Configuration:

>37 c Temperature setting mode, lift the cabinet, feet, weighing device, can use low-noise DC motor
Optional Configuration: DECG & IUP, Foetal Stimulator, Telemetry Transducer System