SW-3702 Sperm Analyser

SW-3702 Sperm Analyser can be used for automatic identification of sperm and automatic tracking of sperm movement fast, finish the analysis for a number of parameters in conformity with the WHO international standards and take a comprehensive quantitative analysis of sperm activity and static characteristics. It is suitable for clinical semen tests, providing an important scientific basis for male fertility
1) Can filter out all kinds of impurities which are different from sperm to ensure the test accuracy.
2) Scatheless test samples can ensure the sperm’s natural motion state and monolayer sampling.
3) All the data and dynamic and static images of sperm examination for patients are digitally stored. It can be used for variedly querying, modifying, adding up, and printing inspection reports, and also be shared within the networking freely.
4) Advanced morphological analysis software, clearly and intuitively colourful picture.
SW-3702 Sperm Analyser Technical Parameters
1) Maximum of the tested sperms: 1000
2) Range of test speed: 0-180um/s
3) Frame number of picture: 0-75
4) Resolution of particle diameter: 0-150µm/s
5) Analysis time: 1-5 seconds or longer
6) Group number of collected images: 1-15 groups
7) Microscope objective lens: 10x.20x.40x.100x
8) Displayed content of sperm test system is no less than: 1) distribution curve of static sperms, 2) the features data of semen and statistical data from analysis of all the main functions, 3) sperm dynamic trajectory curve, 4) display various  sperms motion speed and energy is an arrhythmic map of sperms, 5) case information for management such as patients’ name;
9) Output content from sperms test system is no less than: 1) the main technical data of sperms, 2) sperm dynamic trajectory curve, 3) analysis and determinant histogram 4) case information for management such as patients’ name