Test Tube

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Basket Stretcher

Designed to rescue injured persons from locations where lengthy foot travel is mandatory. The stretcher breaks into two halves which can be back-packed to the point of rescue and assembled in seconds. Positive ? locking quick-release pins secure two halves together. Four straps are standard.

First-aid medical kit

1 pc Hand Suction Pump
1 pc Resuscitator Bag
1 pc E-Mask
2 pcs Guedel Airway
1 pc Clinical Thermometer
1 pc Mouth Opener
2 pcs Disposable Syringe
1 pc Tongue Forceps
l pc Sterile Scalpel
2 pcs Lancet
5 pcs Wooden Tongue Depressor
1 pair Surgical Scissors
1 pair Dressing Tweezers
10 pcs Safety Pins
2 pairs Sterile Latex Gloves
1 pc Sphygmomanometer
l pc Stethoscope
1 pc Boston
l pc Tourniquet
30 pcs Alcohol Prep Pad

Omron M2 Basic

These arm blood pressure monitors give you an easy way to check for hypertension and track changes in your health and itness.

One button operation
Easy to read LCD display
One size cuf its all
Clinically tested

OHAUS Pioneer Precision

Application: Weighing (18 units + 1 custom unit), parts counting, percentage weighing

Display: LCD plus optional auxiliary display

Operation: Mains power

Communication: Rs232 for sending balance ID and weight ? GLP (Time & Date) with optional SF40A Printer

Construction: Solid die cast metal base, stainless steel pan Design Features: Fixed integral weigh below hook, all-glass draftshield with 3 sliding doors, front levelling bubble, menu and calibration locks