Theater/Surgical Pendant

Technical Specification:
The tower body material: High strength aluminum alloy profile molding, cantilever profile thickness 8mm, surface
electrostatic spray high light treat resistant, easy to clean
Break method: Mechanical brake (standard), to ensure no drift when working, to ensure safety
Cantilever size: 800mm
Turning radius: ≥800mm
Supporting Capacity: ≤300kg
Equipment pallet bearing
Weight: ≤150kg
Pallet Jack: 2 layers (pallets can be increased or decreased)
Gas Outlet: Oxygen 2, air 2, suction 2 (gas terminal can be increased or decreased) More than 20,000 times of air port insertion and extraction
Outlet: (Multifunctional socket 220v10A) 7 ground terminals
Network Interface: A RJ45
Infusion stand and extension arm: 1 set
Drawer: 1个
Angle of cantilever rotation: ≤340 o
Box rotation Angle: ≤340 o