Wall Mounted Dental X-Ray Unit

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Technical Features:

1. Clear picture, high efficiency, international advanced technology

2. Low radiation: the radiation leakage is only 1% of the state regulations

3. Microcomputer control system, exposure parameters will be quickly and accurately formed at one button push.

4. Easy operation

5. Pictures could be rinsed in bright room, imaging in a minute provide much convenience to dentists.

6. Seat is free to lift up and down

7. Dental digital sensors could fit this X-ray equipment

8. Do not occupy any ground, save space for users

9. Rotating arm is stable, reliable, durable and easy to use

10. low pressure alarm, high pressure alarm, automatic failure detection alarm
Voltage: 220V/50Hz±10%  50/60 Hz

Socket: Internalthree-pin/European three-pin

Max power: 900VA

Rated current: 4A

Fuse: 6.3A

Radiation focus: 0.8mm

Tube-head voltage: 70kV±10%

Anodal current: 7mA±15%

Anodal angle: 19°

Loading circle: 1/60

Half-value layer: 70kV  1.6mmAl

Proper filter: ≥2.1mmAl

Radiation leakage: 1m<0.007mGy/h