Yuwell 7A-23B Surgical Suction Machine

7A-23B type of electric suction apparatus adopts a completely plastic panel design, which makes it more fancy and fashionable. The device of intercepting oil for circumfluence can reduce oil pollution. Easy to carry, low noise, high negative pressure and large flux. It can be widely applied in surgical operations, which need to absorb phlegm etc. thick liquids and on other occasions, which need negative pressure suction.
Principle technical data:
Power Voltage: AC220V±22V,50Hz±1Hz
Max negative pressure: ≥0.09MPa
Noise: ≤ 60 dB (A)
Power: ≤120VA
Pumping rate: ≥20L/min
Reservoir capacity: 2500mL/pc, 2pieces, glass
Compressor: Swinging type Oil-free piston
Vacuum Rang: 0-750mm Hg
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