Zerone Liposuction Machine ULTRA-Z & ZP-1000

LTRA-Z is designed to optimize every stage of the body and face sculpting operation and emulsifies unwanted fatty tissues yet still protects other tissues. Quick recovery of patient thanks to minimize invasive procedure. Proper probes with various diameters to treat all areas of the body – Various ranges of diameters, 1.2mm to 3.7mm, provide tailor-made liposculpture for small volumes of fatty tissues in complicated areas and quick removing large volumes of fatty tissues.
Technical Specification:
Ultrasonic Surgical Unit
90W, AC110V or AC230V,50/60Hz,
Class 1, Type BF, Ultrasonic Lipolysis
Suction-Irrigation Pumps
1) Irrigation pump Flow rate: max.
Class 1, Type BF,
Suction Pump Oilless piston vacuum pump, 100L/min,
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