Analogue X-Ray Machine – Floor Mounted

DrGem GXR Floor Mounted Analogue X-ray system matches with a radiographic room which perfectly fits your workflow and can be easily upgraded to DR system with the help of DR interface and PC interface in GXR generator as well as Bucky suitable to Flat Panel Detector. GXR (Analogue X-ray)system is equipped with a high frequency X-ray generator which consistently produces high quality radiograph in favor of high quality X-ray output with a very small kV ripple and accurate mA and mAs. GXR (Analogue X-ray) system is designed to provide convenience to operator and comfort to patient.
Features of DrGem GXR Floor Mounted Analogue X-ray:

4 way Tabletop Patient Table (PBT-4)

A large tabletop with extended travel enables all radiography studies with minimal patient movement, and supporting patient weight up to 300kg. Fully at tabletop without a frame on the edge makes cleanliness and odors free
Floor Mount Tube Stand (TS-FM6)

Floor Rail type tube stand provides all radiography studies with smooth movement on the rail.
Wall Bucky Stand (WBS)

Elegant design, durable and easy-to-use Wall Bucky Stand provides full satisfaction.

Technical Specifications of DrGem GXR Floor Mounted Analogue X-ray:

Power Rating – 32KW
Generator – GXR-32S
Rotor – Dual Speed Starter(DSS)
Input Power – 400/480VAC, Three phase
Line Frequency – 50/60Hz
X-ray tube – DXT-12M, (0.6/1.2mm, 300kHU)
Tube Voltage – 40 to 150kV, 1kV Step
Tube Current – 10 to 640mA
Output – 640mA@81kV, 500mA@104kV, 400mA@130kV, 320mA@150kV
Time Range – 1ms to 10s
mAs Range – 0.1 to 800mAs
Reproducibility – Coe­cient of Variation : kV < 0.005, Time < 0.005,mAs < 0.01 Accuracy – kV < ±(1%+1kV), mA < ±(3%+1mA), Time <±(1%+0.5ms), mAs < ±(3%+0.1mAs) Linearity – Coe­cient of Linearity < 0.01 : CL = (X1-X2)/(X1+X2), where X is mR/mAs Click Here To Download Catalogue

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