Bettermed BT667E Electric Operating Table

This operation table is used for the surgeries of chest, abdomen, ophthalmology, obstetricsand urology, etc.It has the following advantages:

●The board can shift longitudinally. It is made of Transparent material can be X-rayed or scan when using along with C-ARM .

●The board is controlled by electric handspike to move up and down, lean from left to right and move back and forth.

●The leg board is dismantable. It is manual rotation and could be ooutreached with the force from the spring and gravity, convenient for urology surgery.
Technical Specification
●Material: 304stainless steel

●Reverse Trendelenburg:25°

●Lateral Adjustment:20°

●Longitudinal displacement:300mm

●Headrest adjust:- 90°~+45°

●Backrest adjust:- 10°~+60°

●Waist bridge: 100mm

●Leg plate(s): 90°

●Swiveling of leg plate:90°

●Standard accessory: anesthesia screen, the shoulder rest, arm support ,body support, Knee crutch ,mattress.

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