ECROSKHIM Magnetic Stirrer ES-6120 with Heating

Purpose: the magnetic stirrer shall be used to stir and heat non-viscous liquids in flat-bottomed containers with a capacity of up to 2 L.
Main advantages:

– hot plate provides smooth temperature rise

– heating and stirring functions can be used either at the same time or individually

– the magnetic stirrer body is provided with coating made of KARUMEL powder paint, resistant to corrosive media, moisture and scratches

– the hot plate is made of duralumin alloy with the ceramic coating resistant against long-term contact with acids and alkalis
Technical specifications:

– Instrument base is made of duralumin alloy with coating of chemically resistant powder paint

– Rotation speed, rpm – from 100 to 1700

– Maximum stirred volume, ml – 2000

– Maximum heating surface temperature, °С – up to 320

– Power supply voltage (50/60 Hz), V – 220-230

– Heater power, W – 550

– Hot plate dimensions, mm – 180х180

– Weight, kg – 2.5
2 pcs. of fluoroplastic stirring bars are supplied in the complete set