Haier HR30-IIA2

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Haier Biomedical Biological Safety Cabinet HR30-IIA2 has a world famous HEPA/ULPA filter which means the air filtering is cleaner. This safety cabinet has an independent high-efficiency motor to supply air, compensate filter membrane etc. automatic pressure compensation and has a flow rate of <10%. The HR30-IIA2 has a uniform downdraft, high-speed inflow, sample and user in the safe environment. Benefits ULPA filtration system Intelligent alarm Airflow blocking patent Electrical leakage protection Specifications HR30-IIA2 Working voltage and frequency 220V±10%,50±1 Hz Power (VA) 1300 Power of blower (W) 350 Airflow circulation 220/50 Main filter typical efficiency ULPA,99.9995%@0.12Œºm Exhaust filter typical efficiency ULPA,99.9995%@0.12Œºm Downflow velocity (m/s) 0.3