Heating Mantle PE-4130M (2.0L) Analogue

Heating Mantle PE-4130M (2.0L) Analogue
Purpose: the heating mantle is intended for heating liquids in round-bottomed flasks with the volume of 2000 ml within the temperature range from the ambient one to 450°С

– two-zone heating with the possibility of switching off the heating of the top zone

– the heating mantle is equipped with electronic temperature controller

– heating element is made of safe fiberglass with nichrome wire which excludes permanent deformation and provides firm adherence to vessel walls to avoid heat losses and improve energy performance of the device

– automatic break of the device in case of overheating (the operation returns to normal when the temperature reaches allowable limit)

– metal housing of the device is covered with powder paint KARUMEL which provides resistance to adhesion, scratching and corrosion
Technical specifications:

Housing material: steel covered with powder paint resistant to chemical action

Heating element: fabric fiberglass with nichrome wire

Maximum heater temperature, °С – 450

Flask volume, ml – 2000

Weight, kg – 3.8

Dimensions (LхWхH) – 220х345х130

Power supply voltage (50/60Hz), V – 220-230

Power consumption, W – 470