Luxurious Hydraulic Stretcher

Epoxy coated bed frame, collapsible aluminum alloy side rails and pushing handle
Bed platform can be X-ray transparent, with sliding X-ray cassette holder for the whole body from head to toe;
Five functions:

Back rest (operated by gas spring)
Knee rest (operated by crank)
Up-down function (operated by hydraulic pedal)
Trendelenburg (operated by hydraulic pedal)
Reserve-trendelenburg (operated by hydraulic pedal)

Four dia-150mm castors, with central brake system, with fifth wheel for revolving around;
Four corners with anti-bumpers for protecting and hole for I. V pole;
1. IV rod 2. Mattress thickness: 8cm;
The stretcher is equipped with infusion poles, drainage hooks and collapsible aluminum alloy side rails;
It is the best choice for emergency room and ICU ward for transferring patient.