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Omron HBP 1100E

5 Cuf sizes: from pediatric to XL, it?s a wider

range of patients
Dual measurement modes: switch from

Mode to Manual Auscultation Mode depending

on the patient?s conditions.
Zero Indicator: shows the device resets to zero

pressure level, indicating that it is ready for the

next measurement
Simple interface for frequent use

Braided Silk

Monofilament:Good knot pull tensile strength with high knot holding security
natural:Produced from purified animal intestines (beef or sheep)
Tensile Strength:The tensile strength will keep long enough for the healing of trauma, without ductility
Color: Black
Sterilization:Cr-60 Radiation
Packaging:Silk thread is serum-proof and water-repellent

Durable Gallipot without Lid 4 oz


Gallipots without lids 4oz MH-070

Durable MAYO 1NS13-200


Mayo Stille Operating Scissors Sharp/Sharp Straight 15cm