Teeth Whitening

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1. Steady natural appearance design.
2. Flexible and convenient rational arm.
3. Whatever angle can be located.
4. Accommodate to pigment nien teeth, internal pigment teeth, tetracycline pigmentation teeth and dental fluorosis.
5. Nicer whitening effect, 5-8 steps to be boosted for one period of treatment.
6. Multiple safe design to ensure the safe design to ensure the safety of the patients and doctors.
7. Two groups of the LED lamps, 4 for the upper, 4 for the below; total 8 lights.
8. Optional output light model: A: upper light, B: below Lights, AB: both of the two groups.
9. Dental led bleaching system and whitening light lamp accelerator teeth.
10. The whiten hour:10-15minutes for one time, two or three times for one period of the treatment.

The wavelength of blue light: 460-490nm
Power: 40w
Input voltage: AC110 to 240V,50/60Hz
Height: 142cm
Wide: 63cm
Arm length: 125cm(longest)
Color: white