Tensiomed TensioDay Plus ABPM

TensioDay Plus is a revolutionary new technology in the field of ABPM. With the invasively validated method it can additionally measure the central systolic blood pressure beyond the traditional parameters of a blood pressure measurement. By this outstanding feature the diurnal changes in the peripheral and central, aortic blood pressure can be measured simultaneously, which has basic importance in the assessment of the action of different antihypertensive drugs.

Traditionally measured parameters:

SYS – Brachial systolic blood pressure(mmHg) 
DIA – Brachial diastolic blood pressure(mmHg)
HR – Heart Rate(beat/min)
MAP – Mean Arterial Pressure(mmHg)
PP – Pulse pressure

Additional parameters:

SBPao – central systolic blood pressure (mmHg) is physiologically lower that the peripheral (brachial) blood pressure. Increased central (aortic) blood pressure causes as increased cardiac after load and a pressure load on the central vessels (coronary arteries, carotid arteries and the aorta)
PPao – Aortic pulse pressure

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  • Traditionally measured parameters:
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