Vatech Smart Plus CBCT 3D

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Trauma_LCP Systems (Titanium) Reconstruction Locking Plates (Curved)

Application: Fractures of pelvis

Spec 48mm*4holes-147mm*14holes

Material: Titanium

Matching Screw:

: ?3.5 Locking Screw

?3.5 Cancellous Screw

Mindray CAL 6000

The Mindray CAL 6000 defines a new generation of cellular analysis line. By combining BC-6000 or BC-6200 auto hematology analyzers and SC-120 Slide Maker & Stainer, CAL 6000 offers flexible configurations which have throughput of up to 220 tests per hour and 120 slides per hour.
CAL 6000 has flexible configurations which can meet different labs with different requirements.
Large loading area can load 100 samples at the same time.
The patented ?two-way loading? technology of the track enables smart distribution of workload and enhanced efficiency and productivity.
Should the sample results trigger the criteria, the sample rack can automatically step back for a ?rerun? or ?reflex? check.

OHUS Starter ST10PH

Simple Operation in a Slim and Portable Design ? Starter pen meters provide what should be expected of a small pen meter: simple, fast, straight forward no-frills yet highly accurate operation time and time again
Durably Constructed to Withstand Wear and Tear Resulting from Repetitive use ? With durable plastic housing, a protective cap that safeguards the sensor and an automatic shutdown feature to preserve battery life, the Starter pen meters can endure consistent use in rugged environments.
Waterproof Housing Protects the Meters in their Working Environment ? Equipped with a wrist strap that helps to prevent unintentional dropping, Starter pen meters are constructed with an IP67 waterproof design that can prevent water damage when accidentally dropped into liquid.