Sonoscape S9 Ultrasound

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Modern technologies, innovative design and perfect imaging provide unlimited opportunities to the S9 system users

LCD 15”
Monitor angle adjustment
2 active probe connectors
Touch control panel
High density probes

Scanning modes:

В, М, В/М, В/В, 4В
High precision tissue harmonics
ZOOM at real time and frozen state
Ultrasound tomography mode
TRAPEZOIDAL mode at linear probes
MicroScan speckle reduction imaging
Color Doppler mode
Power Doppler mode
Directional power Doppler mode
Pulse wave Doppler mode
Continuous Doppler mode
Color tissue Doppler mode
Pulse wave tissue Doppler mode
Duplex and Triplex modes
Steer M-mode
Steer M-mode
Color M-mode
Free Hand 3D mode
4D mode
Panoramic Mode
Elasto With Quantitative Evaluation
Stress Echo Mode