DRGEM GXR Diagnostic X-ray System

Product Details
The GXR diagnostic X-ray system matches with a radiographic room

which perfectly fits your workflow. It can be easily upgraded to a DR

system with the help of the DR interface and PC interface in the GXR

generator, as well as the FPD(Flat Panel Detector) compatible Bucky.

The GXR X-ray system is equipped with a high frequency X-ray

generator which consistently produces high quality radiographs in

favor of high quality X-ray output, with a very small kV ripple and

accurate mA & mAs.

The GXR X-ray system is designed to provide convenience to the

operator and comfort to the patient.

DAP(Dose Area Product) Meter
Vertical tube synchronization
Table Bucky auto tracking
Lateral cassette holder
WBS external cassette holder
Line Laser
Handgrips (Tabletop, WBS – Chest, Overhead)
Electromagnetic switch for Tube Stand Rotation (FC or FM)
23 inch Touch Screen Console